Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tranquil Boots: Underrated?

Tranquil Boots 
+80 Movement
+3 HP Regeneration
+3 Armor
Rejuvenate (active)
Can be disassembled

If you take 4 or more instances of damage (greater than 20) in the past 10 seconds, the item temporarily breaks and becomes basic boots (until the last 10 seconds don't have 4 instances). 

 Restores 170 HP over 10 seconds, non-combat only. Can only be cast on self.
 Cooldown: 40
 Manacost: 25

With the update of version 6.74, Tranquil Boots became possible to disassemble. This simple change makes the boots a very attractive choice on several heroes as it now fits seamlessly into many item builds. In Dota 2, Tranquils are even more attractive since you don't have to return to base to disassemble an item.
However, many players consider this item trash and often overlook it on non-support heroes.

To see the benefits of Tranquils, consider the following scenario which happens quite frequently:
You get sent to the sidelane with a hero like Potm, Morph, WR, etc. that doesn't naturally get an item which provides a good source of regen.
After trading a couple hits/nukes and your consumables are used, you have to back off and shuttle some potions.
Often in earlygame, I find the courier in use pretty much non-stop so chances are there could be a large period of time where you have to tower hug while your opponents get free farm.

Tranquil Boots solve this problem for several heros at little to no cost!!!
The regen from Tranquils actually exceeds that of a Ring of Health, one of the best laning items, and you get this regen for "free" if you were planning on using the Ring of Protection and Ring of Regen for other items (which a lot of sidelane heros do). Not to mention the armor bonus and +MS help a lot in taking harass and maneuvering around your opponents.

After breaking the boots, the RoP becomes a Bas/Aquila.
RoR can be used in Vlads, Mek, and Hood.
Some heros may not use one of the items but it's not a big deal since at most you will sell the RoR essentially paying 175g for RoH levels of regen. A great investment imo.

Another interesting use is getting it on solo mid heros like Silencer or OD who don't have a good source of regen. It gives good MS that can be abused to get cs and harass. They can later be broken to form Mek too if you're a fan of getting this item on these heroes.

I've been experimenting with getting Tranquil Boots+Vit Booster to replace completing Vanguard on certain heros like Kunkka or Spec. You get better regen to last you through the laning phase and the booster can be upgraded to Heart in the later stages of the game. Some of the damage block is lost but stout/pms somewhat make up for that and should normally be gotten on these heros.

However, these boots drop off in effectiveness past the laning stages where people start moving around the map more so its best to break the boots and make a different one.

If you haven't been incorporating Tranquils into your item build, I highly suggest testing it out as it fits nicely into several item builds.

Dota 2 Match ID: 11480426
I solo with Ursa against an aggressive WR in bot lane on Radiant side. The WR harasses me every chance she gets and pressures me hard. An early PMS helps me a lot but once I get Tranquil Boots, she cannot keep me off the creeps anymore and I easily get cs.
I later break the boots and make Vlads while being thankful for the free regen that helped me survive the lane.

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