Wednesday, April 18, 2012

PanDa VS DK Commentary by 2009

2009 is a well known DotA 1 player and has won many tournaments with his team before his retirement from the competitive scene. He has since moved into commentating to be able to share his knowledge of the game.
I often watch his videos because he gives a lot of good insight into strategic parts of the game that may not be very obvious if you are simply watching the replay. 2009 definately knows his stuff and after watching his videos I always feel like I become a better player.

This video features PanDa and DK, two of the strongest teams in DotA 1, facing off against each other in a tournament a few months ago. It is in Chinese but has very recently been subbed by carl14706. His youtube channel has many more subbed videos that are all worth watching.
In the video above, 2009 gives a lot of good insight into the decision making process when it comes to pushing or trading towers. There is also some discussion about how item choices need to revolve around your team's strategy. This game is also very unique in that DK chooses to use a strategy that is not so common in the current metagame but makes it work well.

I strongly believe that if you want to be a better player, you need to watch the pros play. After all, how do you get better if you don't even know what the best players are doing? If you're still into DotA 1, 2009's videos are some of the best around and are probably some of the most informative.
Check out his youku page here. His videos are all in Chinese but even if you don't understand it, you can learn a lot just from watching his gameplay.
He does commentary on matches between top teams and also has several first person videos of himself playing various heroes. The first person videos are really educational because you get to see things like camera control, what players look at, and how they click.
I don't really recommend watching these if you've only played Dota 2. I say this because you will not be familiar with the hero models, items, and the interface which will make it hard to follow.

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