Monday, May 21, 2012

Hard Lane Solo

Soloing the hard lane against a trilane or strong dual lane can be very difficult for inexperienced players to deal with. In pubs it tends to happen when someone on your team jungles forcing you to solo by yourself.

For many average players the following scenario usually plays out:
The creeps are near the enemy tower and you can't even get into exp range. They deny hard too so the creeps never come towards you. After a few minutes of doing nothing you start to get frustrated and try to be more aggressive. This just leads to you dying and setting yourself back even more. Maybe you start raging at your team for someone to come help you. Or you go into another lane to mess things up.

You've probably encountered players who have done this before or maybe even you could be that player. In any case, here are some tips should you find yourself soloing against a tough lane:

1. NOT DYING should be your top priority.
You are already expected to get little to no farm while your opponents are going to have freefarm. Dying only widens this gap. Most average players die because of frustration. They get tired of sitting around doing nothing and make poor decisions. Do not give in and continue to play safe. By not giving them free kills you are already contributing something.
Stronger players tend to die because of greed. They try too hard to get a last hit or maybe they see a kill opportunity which causes them to be out of position. Do not give in to greed either. Any actions that can possibly get you killed should be avoided.

2. Understand what your hero is capable of doing in the lane.
Some heros can get away with more than other heros can. For example, Wind Runner can afford to be a bit more aggressive because if things go bad she can windrun away. Other heroes (melee, no escape skills) might just be forced to sit at the tower forever. Think about what your hero can do and act accordingly.

3. Understand what your opponent's heroes can do.
Knowing if their skills and damage can kill you is extremely important. Also know cast ranges so you can avoid getting stunned. Watch their behavior too. Most players start acting differently when they want to go for a kill.

4. Aim for a fast boots and Basilius (if posssible).
If your lane match up allows you to get some farm, getting boots quickly makes your time in lane a lot easier. The enemy supports usually will be too slow to be able to land their disables against you and you can outmaneuver them to gain more farm/exp.
Bas is good because it allows you to fight against early pushes on your tower with the aura on. It also provides a nice stream of mana for your hero. The armor is nice for mitigating the inevtiable harass as well.

5. Being under your tower doesn't mean it's safe.
If the enemy has creeps tanking tower hits, they can just go on you and get a quick kill. It's wise to keep a comfortable distance from the enemy heroes even when you're at your tower. Against some really aggressive heroes you might even have to go back to your second tower.

6. Consider rune checking and going for a gank.
If you're sitting at your tower and approaching the creeps will get you killed, you might be more productive by checking the rune and going for a gank on mid. Keep the creep position in mind because if you leave while the creeps reach your tower, you could be missing out on a lot of precious exp.

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